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Profosma Jet Plasma Tips (South Africa)

Introducing the PROFOSMA Jet Tips, distinguished by their unique construction featuring PP (polypropylene) instead of the typical ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material. PP, widely used in baby bottles for its safety and hypoallergenic properties, stands in stark contrast to ABS, which finds its primary applications in industries like refrigeration, piping, and automotive manufacturing. Unlike ABS, which can provoke skin reactions when heated, PP is completely safe and heat-resistant, ensuring peace of mind during use.


Moreover, the tips incorporate a small circuit board, functioning as a miniature computer that precisely and safely delivers energy from the device. This groundbreaking technology sets our Jet tips apart from any other plasma device available.


To maintain optimal performance, each tip has a usage limit of 45 minutes before it becomes ineffective and must be discarded. It's imperative to use one tip per client, never sharing tips between clients to ensure hygiene standards.


After each 15-minute session, clean the tip with either an alcohol wipe. Store the tips for future use in a clearly labeled bag, ready for the next session.

Profosma Jet Plasma Tips (South Africa)

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