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Meet The Team

Premier Beauty boasts an extraordinary team of dedicated professionals whose passion for excellence and innovation propels the company to new heights in the beauty industry. Comprising individuals with diverse expertise, the team at Premier Beauty is a harmonious blend of creative minds, seasoned industry veterans, and emerging talents.


Their commitment to staying at the forefront of beauty trends and technologies is unparalleled, ensuring that Premier Beauty consistently delivers cutting-edge products and services to its clientele. Fueled by a collective drive for success and a shared vision of redefining beauty standards, this remarkable team fosters a collaborative and dynamic work environment.


Their collaborative spirit, coupled with a relentless pursuit of perfection, makes Premier Beauty not only a market leader but also a beacon of inspiration for the beauty industry as a whole.

Tyra-Lee Thom

Tess Van Der Nest

Office Manager & Administration


Kacey Coetzer

Social Media Coordinator


Didi Van Der Nest

Accounts and Administrative Assistant


Tyra-Lee Thom

SQT and SkinSens Distributor – Johannesburg

Operations Coordinator for Premier Beauty Academy

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