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Artmex V9 Machine



1. Ultra-quiet Design Revolutionary physical design for a more comfortable work environment.

2. Adjustable speed and scale Maximum 11 digital levels of speed wide range scale needle length 0~0.25mm

3. Super compatibility Artmex V9 handpiece compatible with both PMU and MTS needle cartridges.

4. New hand-piece design equipped with high speed motor, quiet working environment and friendly operation: Swiss motor, Quick pigment implantation, Integrated needle, crafted luxury etc.

5. Pedal technology considering the working efficiency of the beautician, Artmex V9 adds humanized design, a Pedel (foot-switch), which can control the START/PAUSE during the procesure.


Connect the cable with USB port on machine!

Artmex V9 Machine

R5 335,00Price
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