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Premier Permanent Make Up - AIIC Master Certification




2 Days

About the Course

Master Certification is adjudicated by a Master Certified Instructor, namely Nora Barnard in South Africa and is then presented to Sandi Hammons, President and Founder of Premier Pigments USA for Accreditation.

Students must present a (digital) portfolio of their work to qualify for this training module.

Portfolio must include the following;

Five CLEAR, HIGH QUALITY CLOSE UP photographs of each procedure namely;

  • Brows : Combo Brows, Shaded Brows, Microbladed Brows

  • Eyeliners: Traditional Eyeliner

  • Lips: Lip Line and Full Lips

(All photos must be of before, immediately after, before follow up and healed result).

  • Photographs of salon and/or work cubicle


  • Training

  • Experience

  • Qualifications

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