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Premier Medical Ear Piercing - Faith, Rook, Tragus




1 Day

About the Course

There are many reasons for getting pierced. Some people get piercings as a form of personal expression, as a religious tradition, and sometimes to conquer a fear.

More recently though, people have been using piercing as a form of healing. A 5,000 year old healing tradition that acts as an alternative and holistic approach to medicine, which we now call acupuncture!

Acupuncture and auriculotherapy came about during the stone age and have advanced in to the specific fields of medicine that they are today. This happened in the SO's with the help of Dr. Paul Nogier who is known as the Father of Modern Auriculotherapy.

He noticed that there was a connection between a part of the ear that was stimulated and another part on the body and that it could be measured with modern equipment. As with both acupuncture and auriculotherapy, a piercing can be placed in a specific spot to stimulate the reflex points in that area. Doing this can improve the flow of energy within the body, which can help alleviate a certain pain and regulate the body's functions and internal organs.

Most of the pressure points known to allay pain can be found in the ear. Acupuncturists often call the ear a "microsystem" because there is a point for every part of the body.

Various Kit options available.

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