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BLINK Device (Small Kit)


Name: YD Blink PMU Machine

Model Number: CTM090

Color:Silver and Black

Type: Tattoo Gun

Material: Stainless Steel

Warranty: 1 year


New Advantages:

1. Soft stroke: With a setting of 2.6mm, it is perfect for shading and hair stroke techniques.

2. Lightweight: Weighs only 111g. Long days of working will feel like a breeze. No more aching wrists.

3. Soft design: Grip diameter of 75mm. Ergonomically optimal design for comfortable use. Built for precision work.

4. Low vibration: Feels great to work with, and the low vibration makes it perfect for hair-stroke techniques as well.

5. Strong motor: High-quality brush motor built to meet the demands of various PMU techniques.

6. Universal needle fit: Use your favorite brand of universal tattoo needle or PMU cartridges.

7. Universal Power Charge Port:Dual types of cable for universal PMU Power supply or Tattoo power supply.

Usage:Eyebrow,Lip,Eyeliner, Scalp

BLINK Device (Small Kit)

R6 490,00Price
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